Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ninja Arts

Taking down an opponent is a daunting task but must be done in some situations. In this article I will go over a few ninjutsu methods and tactics where certain parts of the body are targeted for a take down. Remember the best best way to win a fight is to avoid it.

First of all you need to calculate your risks. This will determine what areas of the body you will attack.

  • If your opponent is of athletic build, they will most likely be fast. Block as much as you can and exploit their weakness, use attacks that target the dislocation joints to disable thier attacks.
  • If your opponent is a body builder, they will have power. Instead of blocking take advantage of their slow speed and dodge. Target their pressure points to reduce their ability to fight back.
  • If your opponent has a weapon, the best thing to do is strike first or counter them at the eyes, grab that weapon with your hand for your life and control it. Strike the vital areas hard. Dislocate their weapon holding arm.

Here is an advanced look into the striking of body systems:
  1. Striking in the eyes causes temporary or permanent blindness
  2. Clapping both ears hard at the same time disorientates them, causing the soundwave to rupture the brain to bleed, balance is unstable and can cause death.
  3. Striking under the armpit can cause nerves to send an overload to the brain, a full body shutdown.
  4. Striking hammer fist blow to the solar plexus can cause death and lack of breath.
  5. Strikes to the nose can send the bones into the brain.
  6. Temple strikes cause disorientation and pain.
  7. Clamping pressure points causes immense pain even to big opponents.
  8. The top of your forehead is the strongest bone in the body, block a punch to break their wrist.
  9. Whenever the opponents back is towards you, engage the sleeper hold.
  10. Striking on their right side of the neck (carotid artery) is more effective than the left (jugular vein).


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    Striking hammer fist blow to the solar plexus can cause death and lack of breath.
    solar plexus can cause death and lack of breath.
    death and lack of breath.