Sunday, September 19, 2010

How to fletch a bow

In this tutorial I will guide you on how to fletch a bow that shoots far.

You will need:
Thick straight piece of wood
Strong string
A survival knife

Simply keep fletching the piece of wood until you get something looking like the picture (side view), groove notches into the ends for the string.

You will then need to tie one end of the bow with the string and bend the bow to connect the other side, use a hangman's knot. Note that fishing wire is not suitable but can be used for string, although it is made out of nylon therefore it may stretch overtime reducing the power of the bow.

An optional groove in the middle can be indented to make a slot for the arrow.

Since all the tension comes from the wood not the string, it is better to bend the bow more for increased power. Just don't over do it and snap it.

The arrow can be fletched easily. Simply find a straight piece of wood or cut it until its straight, attach a feather to the end and a sharp stone to the front, the front needs to be the heaviest part of the arrow for best accuracy. Optionally you can add the recipe from 'Making chemicals recipe' blog onto the arrow tip.

Note: The picture in the side view and to the right of the side view are both facing the same way. Therefore you know which way the bow needs to be bent back.


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