Thursday, December 23, 2010

Building a computer

When building a computer for the first time, creators intend to forget what the fundamentals are needed to build it. Building from scratch can save you a lot of money! Here is just a basic guide on creating your new computer.

You will need:
CPU: Measured in Ghz, speed of processing data. Split into different cores.
Memory (RAM): Random access memory speed retrieval
Operating system: Eg. Windows 7, Linux etc
Motherboard: Connects all the components and links them together
Graphics card (GFX): Determines the visual quality on the screen
Power supply (PSU): Supplies power to all these units
Monitor: For viewing, you can set a dual monitor setup as well.
Case: Compacting all these parts into the case.
DVD/Burner: To read CD's or burn them.
Hard drive: To store all the data
Certain cables and wires: To connect everything

Optional: Cooling systems (Recommended for a longer lasting computer)

Things you should know; The power supply is very important and must be enough watts to power the computer, The motherboard must be able to accept the CPU chip, CPU and RAM determine the computers speed pretty much, A high quality graphics card is essential if you are watching high quality movies or photo/video editing on your computer, Check the hard drive cable connection types and make sure they are enabled to connect properly, For 2010: Windows 7 is rated the highest followed by Windows Xp then windows vista even though they were made at completely different times, I recommend 32 bit rather than 64 bit as it is much faster and efficient unless you are photo / video editing, I do not recommend spending $300 for an Operating system just copy one of your friends for free, the usual computer creator makes 20% of the profit at retail shops so save that 20% and make it yourself, check to make sure that your motherboard contains USB inputs/outputs as that is the current developing technology, Overclocking is only recommended if you strongly need it as it will decrease the lifespan of your computer. If you plan on overclocking a cooling system is a must.

Here is an example of a very good and fast computer for its price at the moment, perfect for gaming and extreme multi-tasking (23/12/2010)

CPU: AMD Phenom II x6 1100T Hex-Core (Released 7th December 2010)
Memory (RAM): 8GB G.Skill Ripjaws
Operating system: Windows 7
Motherboard: ASUS M4A89TD-PRO-USB3
Graphics card (GFX): ATI Radeon 5770 1G ASUS
Power supply (PSU): Thermaltake lightpower 700W
Monitor: 19" screen x2 for dual monitors
Case: Any really (Without psu)
DVD/Burner: SATA Pioneer
Hard drive: Western Digital BE 1TB [that's 1000G]
Certain cables and wires: SATA cables etc
Cooling System: CPU cooler and a system cooler
Costs around $700-$900
$1100-$1200 at shops
Buy online at for the cheapest prices

(Note: The CPU: AMD Phenom II x6 1100T is equivalent to the Intel's i7 980X, though the i7 is rated slightly higher than this AMD in some ways. It is $1050 more expensive, in my opinion it is not worth it.)


  1. Good advice. I wish I had an excuse to build another rig. I'm not a bleeding edge gamer so everything's good enough at the moment.

    Maybe when USB3 has bedded down I'll retire a machine.

  2. Nice stuff! My computer was made at home.

  3. wenever i build my computer ill know how to now. sweet.

  4. Thanks for the info. It makes me almost believe I could put one together myself...almost. I'm a computer nitwit, but my tech-savvy friends keep me from catastrophe.

  5. this is good info thanks supportan yuh

  6. Thats an excellent machine for the price!

  7. Yeah, good advice dont pay some sucka when you can do it yourself

  8. damn 8 gigs of ram?? you can run a server off that... great blog! followin

  9. I reckon the monitors could be upped to 22" at least =P

  10. I got to build a new computer soon O_O. Newegg is a great site if you want to buy new computer parts. I always recommend my friends to their site.

  11. I've been meaning to build a computer for a long time (no money) and spend a few minutes every once in a while browsing newegg looking for good deals. Definitely a good site. Great blog btw! Following :)

  12. I like the 64 bit for gaming, but that's just me.

  13. Good info, I always build my computers.
    Great blog...following.

  14. Building my own computer has always been on my to-do list. If I end up doing this, I might tweak the specs so it can serve as a hackintosh.

  15. nice post thanks for the advice

  16. Nice man, I've been looking for a build that's reasonably up to date.

  17. I can never follow the new way of defining CPUs. It was so much easier with 386, 486, 486 DX, etc.

  18. 64 bit system are much faster actually, because you can insert more RAM. 32 bit only accepts up to 3gb of ram but 64 bit can accept like 16 I think.