Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Primitive Strangle Trap

The Primitive Strangle Trap is a survival method used to trap foxes, rabbits, bears etc. The point of this trap is to ensnare the prey by the neck with the sliding knot for a meal, or snare it by the legs. The skin can be skinned, then turned into hide and used for shelter/clothes. Do not use this if it is forbidden in your region.

The stone is the where the power comes from in this trap, with the pivot in the branch, which must be steady. It must hold the fishing wire / snare wire strong. Note: You can use the same fling trap method in my Lazy Fishing Blog which will prove to be much easier instead of using the stone and branch method in this picture.

The trigger mechanism consists of 5 sticks, 1 bait and 1 fishing line connected to your stone weight or fling mechanism. First you need to construct a door shaped structure with your sticks and peg them into the ground. Secondly you must tie the tense fishing line onto one end of a stick and make it balance on the other stick with the bait as shown in the picture.

The stick must contain the bait, as soon as the prey touches the bait it will cause the stick above it to move and therefore release the trigger. The stone weight / fling with force the line up and due to the hangman's knot which gets tighter around the victim, it will strangle it.


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