Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hiding data into images

Ever wondered why such a small image has such a big file size? It's probably because it has secret hidden file in it. In this post I will teach you how to encrypt data into image files so computer illiterate people cannot find your secret files.

The picture has instructions on how to Hide the data and obtain it

One thing you might need is windows to do this, I am unsure if it works on any other operating system but you can always put it to the test.

The benefits of this hiding method:
  • Best for sending data in which the restrictions only allow you to send image files, simply you can send anything now.
  • Saving the image file as 'Assignment1.jpg' can give your guardians a second thought of deleting data if using a shared computer.
  • You can actually password the .rar file to make it more secure
  • Most free versions of virus protection may slip past this encryption to allow key loggers / Trojans to be sent ( I do not recommend this)


  1. I remember noobs who downloaded image and saved it as .js file or sth like that :D

    just like delete system32 - your PC runs faster

  2. Hahahah! yeah!, no problem ill keep these blogs coming so keep updated =) Deleting system32 will corrupt your computer =p dont do it haha.

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  4. Kewl story, bro!

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  5. OMG so stupid operation :)) can use 7zip:))?
    what hiden? operation or image?:)

  6. does this mean you can merge other file types as well?

  7. You should be able to use 7zip, the operation is hidden =p with the image as a cover

    you should be able to merge any type of file. Just the resulting file should be at the end. Eg in this picture its Hello.jpg, try Hello.doc or something.

  8. pretty interesting, not like i really need to hide anything but thats cool

  9. usefull data .

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  10. I am a techy, I love stuff like this!

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  12. i don't really secure my information, cause i don't really have anything, but i'll bookmark this just in case..
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